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Sister blog Rock in India launched

As some of the RiC members are spending their time mostly in India these days, we welcome the launch of our sister blog “Rock in India” which will feature underground acts from the Indian subcontinent.

XTX detained for drug use?

According to the website Whatsonxiamen, rock singer XTX has been detained as drug addict (Marijuana). Same news is up on CRIEnglish.

SUS2 / The Samans / Chinatown

A couple of new pages at the RiC Wiki:

SUS2 Music Factory 5th Anniversary (2005)


Just found the old photos of Micah on the event… check em out!

New artist: Phagocyte

Phagocyte was an industrial / techno metal band also referred to as the “Chinese Slipknot” during their short period of existence from late 2002 until 2004.

(read more…)

Chinese Metal Videos – Multiple Personality / Original Sin / Tengger Cavalry

Our good friend The Evil Skull has uploaded a couple of new Chinese metal videos on youtube:

Multiple Personality on the wiki

Original Sin on the wiki

Tengger Cavalry on the wiki

Mastermind of Chinese noise

Torturing Nurse, the Shanghai noise / art band/conglomerate definitely entered a very active time in the years 2005-2007 with numerous records being produced and distributed world-wide, either as full-blown CD-Rs with booklet and everything the music fan requires, or in the occasional net-record MP3 collection.

This burst of creativity is now reflected at the RiC wiki…

(photo: July 9th, 2006, Yuyintang, Shanghai, from left to right: Junky, Miriam, Youki, photo: Yoshito Katori)

Chinese metal scene introduced and reviewed in German webzine

German webzine has published and article on the Chinese rock and metal scene along with their CD reviews that had been published during the course of the year. RiC team member Azchael has been the author of the article. Read more …

The year in review: 2010 in Chinese rock

Update: Please note that all inputs I received have been included in the history on the wiki.

The following is an excert from the History of Rock in China for the major events that happened in 2010. This account is by no means complete and suggestion for inclusion are more than welcome (please comment).

At the beginning of 2010, the metal label Dime Records is established by the owner of the 13 Club.

On January 16th, the The North Face Film and Music on Snow Festival 2010 was held including several Beijing bands (e.g. Tookoo). On January 30th, BCR‘s critically acclaimed record Except for the Darkness is being released in Shanghai. Further in January and February, Maybe Mars held two showcase concerts, each with 4 of its bands, in Shanghai.[61]

March 12th – 29th, they JUE Festival 2010 was held in both Shanghai and Beijing seeing Shanghai newcomer The Mushrooms rocking the Mao Live, and several Beijing acts visiting Shanghai. From March 11th until April 11th, Maybe Mars Records tours around some of their most popular acts during the China Invasion US Tour 2010. Furthermore on March 20th, Yaksa starts their nation-wide tour throughout 21 cities until April 28th.

In April, AV Okubo‘s debut The Greed of Man is being released by Maybe Mars Records. On April 27th, Rustic won the Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) 2009 Finals in London.[62]

In the later part of April, signs accumulated that The Expo would be a devastating strike to the local music scene of Shanghai, as the LOgO bar was threathened with shutdown[63] and the Yuyintang had been shutdown[64], two vibrant centers of the underground in Shanghai. Also the Beijing M.A.O. Livehouse had been shut down, allegdably due to fire safety violations, on April the 16th.[65] On April 26th, it was announced that the Yuyintang would be open again with normal operation ongoing, leaving the whole scene in doubt, why the shutdown had been there at the first place.[66]

On April 22nd, the folk music community in Beijing decides to hold a “Pray for Yushu” charity concert in commemoration to the victims of the Qinghai Earthquake at the Mako Livehouse.[67]

In May both the Midi Festival and the Strawberry Festival happened in Beijing. In Chengdu, the Zebra Music Festival 2010 took place. In the aftermath of the May holidays, both the Midi Music Festival 2010 and the Strawberry Music Festival 2010 were scrutinizably analyzed and according to China Music Radar it was “art versus commerce” with Modern Sky and its Volkswagen overkill representing commerce and Midi representing art and music.[68] Shouwang of Carsick Cars stated: Bands are not VIP, only sponsors are. Treat us like human beings. I wanted to jump on the cars, but my guitar lead was too short[69] At the end of May, Subs started their Queen of XXXXing Everything China Tour 2010 that lead them around the country as a warm-up for the release of their latest record.

Further in May, a discussion started in the English blogosphere about the status of D-22 and Maybe Mars, originated from the controversial article Why No Beijing and D-22 are not worth the hype!on Rock in China, which spawned discussions on all major English blogs around the Beijing scene, highlighting the unique position of Maybe Mars, its efforts and the perception in the foreign media. In July, Pete DeMola displays a further glance upon the topic with his widely read article At That Moment I Thought, I Thought I Really Saw Music.

June to July, the Metal Battle 2010 was organized, a band competition that determined Raging Mob as the leading Chinese metal artists to perform at the Wacken Open Air 2010.

Mid July, shortly after the Qingyuan Niu Yu Zui Festival 2010, Chinamusicradar announces 2010 to be The Year of the Music Festival with an estimated of seventy (70) festivals happening in 2010.[70] A discussion started on the quality of the festivals itself, as many of them share the same bands and badly organized, e.g. the Suzhou lacking promotion[70].

On July 23rd, Subs released their 2010 record Queen of Fucking Everything with a release party in the Mao Livehouse. On July 29th and 30th, Shanghai’s promoter and record label 0093 held their third anniversary party at the Yuyintang.[71]

October 1st to 4th, in addition to the May Midi festival in Beijing, the Zhenjiang festival is held on the Shi Ye Island with foreign metal acts Soulfly, Shadows Fall, Finntroll and Loudness.

November 17th, No Beijing band Carsick Cars split due to creative differences and opportunities for members’ per­sonal development[72].

December 27th, the 2010 Shanghai Grammys were awarded by the Cityweekend Shanghai focussing on the music scene in Shanghai. December 31st, the second Midi Music Awards were celebrated in the Star Live with performances of Miserable Faith, Ziyo, Nanwu, Nan Cheng Er Ge, Misandao, Hanggai and Finger Family.

Metal section extended – Part II

The Evil Skull (contributions) has further extended our metal section of RiC extensively. Kuddos to him!