Rock in China Radio Show #4 online!


Sorry for the long delay with our show, but our website occupied us for a long time and now, finally we’re going to move to a new server soon and the access problems should be solved then. Up to then (October) here is a new show for you to enjoy!

  1. Intro: Ye Yang Guan Tou (Liquid Oxygen Tin / Oxygen Can), sorry, this song is actually from their demo. The CD version is slightly different.
  2. Yaksa with “Keep in Fighting” off their new released EP “Keep on Fighting”
  3. “We are coming, Satan!” by Ordnance, the band of the boss of 13 Club, Beijing
  4. Silver Ash with their cover of Cui Jian’s “Fake Monk”
  5. Tang Dynasty’s previous guitar player Kaiser Kuo started Spring Autumn and here is their song “The Huntsman”
  6. Another song of Ye Yang Guan Tou from their new CD

Band Links:

Further info:

Keep on rockin’!!!



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