Canadian Jazz in China

Hi folks,

News for all Jazz-lovers from Jon Campbell:

Hello all…
For those of you sticking around for the holiday week… Good news! Quality
Canadian jazz is coming your way:

The David Braid Sextet ( is on an Asian Tour and stopping through Beijing for a show at Peking University Hall on Tuesday October 3 at pm. This will be the third in the Time Arts Jazz Series at Peking university; yes, there will be more to come (including, I can now announce, the return of Abigail Washburn [banjo/vox], Bela Fleck [banjo], Casey
Driessen [fiddle] and Ben Sollee [cello], collectively known, after recording an EP and performing several shows stateside after their last trip
to China, as the Sparrow Quartet. November 10 the group will appear at
Peking University Hall. Tix go on sale in the coming weeks; stay tuned for
other show info).

In general, keep posted via my site,, which I am, in fact,
attempting to keep current. Feel free to pass the word around to all who
might even be remotely interested…!

David Braid Sextet(戴维·布雷德六重奏)正在亚洲巡演,来北大百周年纪念讲堂演出。
二。系列的意思就是还会有别的活动:别的活动快要发生。Abigail Washburn(班桌琴/歌
手),去年的《游女吟》快回来了:她又带了去年的乐手(Bela Fleck[班桌琴]Casey
Driessen [小提琴],Ben Sollee[大提琴])。他们是11月10日在北大百周年纪念讲堂演出。



Time Arts Jazz Series at Peking University Presents:
The David Braid Sextet


演出:戴维·布雷德六重奏(David Braid Sextet)

Hosted by Canadian Embassy in China
Peking University
Produced by Time Arts Management Inc

“If Mozart Played Jazz, He’d be David Braid”
“A Huge Talent: Jazz pianist and composer David Braid continues to jump new
creative hurdles”

David Braid Sextet:
David Braid, piano钢琴手
John MacLeod, trumpet小号手
Mike Murley, saxophone萨克斯手
Gene Smith, trombone长号手
Steve Wallace, bass贝司手
Terry Clarke, drums鼓手

For information详情请登录:

Time:19:00, Oct. 3, 2006
Venue: Peking University Hall
Hotline: 010 – 62759637
For information call: 010 – 65015131


订票电话:6275 9637
咨询电话:6501 5131

Jon Campbell 康加恩
YGTwo Productions/洋鬼摇滚
Dongcheng District Jiaodaokou
Ju’er hutong Ding qu #123
Beijing, China

Phone: (+86) 1362 1287 424

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