Wang Fei sings “Don’t break my heart” (Black Panther) in 1999

Hi folks,

something I found on another blog site, also called “Rock in China” (at blogspot):

A little bit about the history: The song “Don’t break my heart” is originally from Black Panther, written by ex-vocalist Dou Wei, who at that time was still together with the famous pop singer Wang Fei (who is singing here). Though later they broke off, as Wang Fei discovered that Dou Wei had another lover. (see update)

[UPDATE] Remark by Kaisi:

  1. February 24th, 2007 at 6:51 pm eHi Azchael,

    I just read your rather muddled entry on Dou Wei and the song ‘don’t break my heart’ – When he wrote that song he certainly wasn’t with Wang Fei, I promise you. DW and I have been old buddies since the early 90’s. May be you want to get those facts right. And, by the way, that video link is defunct!

    All the best, Kaisi

Ok, so we got some more info.

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