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“From this day” in Chengdu

Another vid by dkar:


No Opinion in Chengdu

Another vid of dkar

Gammalux in Chengdu

a video by Dkar

Chinese Metal United!!! Concert

Chinese Metal United!!!
on friday 10th November 2006

to honor the canadian film crew doing the international metal culture documentary DVD “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey”, Beijings best metal bands will be present on the same stage. Especially the there cult bands Ritual Day, Suffocated and Hades are sharing the stage again since a very long time. Also Spring Autumn are going to change the vocalist, this will be the last performance of current frontman Yang Meng in service for Kaiser Kuo’s Spring Autumn. A fifth band shall be the tibetian/mongolian-folk/industrial metal magicans Voodoo Kongfu. Prog metal band Last Successor are going to open the show which shall be finished by Nu metal kids Zuo You
at Star Live Club (Upstairs of Club Tango, North 2nd Ring Road, on the North-West Corner of the Lama Temple Bridge)

Begin at 8:30 pm
Entrance: 30 RMB

Organizer: Painkiller Magazine
Hotline: 010-62031030, 62076101

Dragonradio 48 only about China

The new DragionRadio Podcast issue 48 is out since last week and surprise surprise… it’s a China only issue!

Download the show

Featured Artists:

  • An Apple a Day / CO2 / Emo Rocks China – China, Beijing
  • That’s All Right / Raving Radio / Emo Rocks China – China, Beijing
  • 因為所以 Because / 二手玫瑰 Secondhand Rose (Er Shou Mei Gui)/ 二手玫瑰 – China, Beijing
  • The Man Machine / Manchuhead / EP – China, Manchuria
  • Zai Jie Shang / Tian Mi Dehaizi (The Honeys) / Zai Jie Shang – China, Shanghai

and… an interview with Rock in China! Tony Reno, the moderator of the show, wanted to do a China-only issue since a couple of months. Therefore, beginning of last week, we got a Skype call from him asking us about the Chinese scene and our website. As usual, listening to the own voice is an interesting experience :-). And I definitely need a new mic, the one I use just makes too many side noises.

Tony Reno met the band Tookoo on the Rock it! Event in Hongkong and unfortunately as they sing in English they can not be played in the show. However Tookoo gave Tony a compilation CD of punk and emo tracks, of which the first two songs of the show are taken. If you don’t know Tookoo, check them out at the Wiki. They are China’s finest in regard of Emo Rock music and actually, they are the first!

Please also check out and comment on this show.

Hope you like the show and the interview!

Rock on!!!


Mort Productions website is back online

The website of THE best metal underground label in Beijing is online again!

They had been absent for several months (nearly a year), though they are back again!

Rock on!!!


New downloads at CNE / GNO


For all those in the electronic genre, the website “Chinese New Ear” has uploaded several new mp3 for free: (caution: link goes directly into a frame, with the links, the navigation menu is missing, but the downloads are there)
The songs are from

Hope you like them and thanks to CNE / GNO for uploading them. I am a constant reader of your posts! Propably THE best blog in regard of Chinese electronic and avantgarde music!

Rock on!!!