Rockin’ in Beijing

Propaganda “Disco” star, originally uploaded by Azchael.

As the national holidays are coming to an end soon, I hope everybody has enjoyed (or is still enjoying) the recent festivals and concerts in Beijing.

Not only as a test blog entry (via Flickr), but also with a certain idea in my mind, I post this photo of the Propaganda disco.

What are we up to is a question we asked ourselves quite often and we tried to find good answers for. Something which is definite: We move the server, yes, we are really doing it, and guess what: it will be over within this month (we hope). And what are we going to give you when we’re back?

  • The Alev tour diary of their China tour 2006
  • An interview with 3rd kind Productions
  • An interview with the guys (and the girl) behind GigShanghai

Furthermore we’re preparing a short paper (~20-30 pages) for all those interested in the present scene, the recent developments and which locations evolved, which closed down and which are the hot spots in the scenes. We call it a “basis package” for those unfamiliar or not too familiar with the rock scene; featuring download links, further information and a better use of our Wiki (together with chaile), we hope that these information are going to help you to understand the scene in China.

BTW: The Propaganda disco is in Beijing, Wu Dao Kou and a nice place to go for young students…

Rock on!!!


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