Chinese Metal United!!! Concert

Chinese Metal United!!!
on friday 10th November 2006

to honor the canadian film crew doing the international metal culture documentary DVD “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey”, Beijings best metal bands will be present on the same stage. Especially the there cult bands Ritual Day, Suffocated and Hades are sharing the stage again since a very long time. Also Spring Autumn are going to change the vocalist, this will be the last performance of current frontman Yang Meng in service for Kaiser Kuo’s Spring Autumn. A fifth band shall be the tibetian/mongolian-folk/industrial metal magicans Voodoo Kongfu. Prog metal band Last Successor are going to open the show which shall be finished by Nu metal kids Zuo You
at Star Live Club (Upstairs of Club Tango, North 2nd Ring Road, on the North-West Corner of the Lama Temple Bridge)

Begin at 8:30 pm
Entrance: 30 RMB

Organizer: Painkiller Magazine
Hotline: 010-62031030, 62076101


2 responses to “Chinese Metal United!!! Concert

  1. Hello
    Im mahmoud and im actually visiting china soon i want to buy metal shirts can u help me where i can find stores or names of stores since your a metal magazine

  2. Hi Mahmoud,

    in my experience it’s not easy to find T-Shirts and stuff from Chinese bands as there is just not that much merchandising available. The best chance is to grab the band’s stuff during their live shows directly at the venue (find venues in e.g. Beijing or Shanghai at

    You might also try some of the records stores (find some of them here

    Good luck,

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