Muma at Midi

Beijing rock band Muma performing live at a festival. From the stage setup I assume that it is the Midi Festival, though I cannot make it sure.

The band Muma rose to fame during the last four years and released three records (two major releases, Muma and Velly Empire, and one EP). Playing melancholic soft rock with a tendancy towards gothic, grunge and post rock (as indicated by various listeners), the sound of Muma often somehow sounds searching and missing a component. Maybe it was this missing, this aimlessness that attracted so many young listeners. This is Muma. (disbanded)

Please… notice the vocals hat. Cool!


One response to “Muma at Midi

  1. (Muma at midi vid)
    This is not the midi festival.. it is some gig in amsterdamm or something like that. chers!

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