Linkin Park in Shanghai

Newsboys – December 15, Shanghai’s Luwan Stadium 上海卢湾体育馆, ticket prices: 800, 600, 380, 280, 180, 80 RMB

Eric Clapton – January 20, 2007, Shanghai Grand Stage 上海大舞台(上海体育馆), ticket prices: 300, 600, 1000, 1800 RMB

IL DIVO – January 24, 2007, Shanghai Grand Stage 上海大舞台(上海体育馆), ticket prices: 1680, 1080, 680, 480, 280, 180 RMB

Linkin Park – April 14, 2007, Shanghai Stadium, ticket prices: 180, 280, 380, 480, 680, 880, 1280, 1680 RMB


4 responses to “Linkin Park in Shanghai

  1. Heard a rumour that Linkin Park may not happen – just promoters testing the water

  2. Аre you sure?

  3. Well, there really is/was some rumor that Linkin Park will come to Shanghai in April.

    There is a post in their forum listing an unconfirmed concert in Shanghai Stadium on April 14th.

    Though, on their website they only list dates for a tour in Europe in May/June. Nothing about Shanghai.

    Anyway, you never really know in China. Even if the local promoters tell the truth, still the government can intervene to stop the “violent” (or whatever else) concert of Linkin Park.

    The original website selling the tickets doesn’t say anything about LP anymore, or I just can’t find it…

    Well, I am just seeing the Rain Concert is on the same day at the same venue – and this one is definately gonna take place. So, say goodbye to LP.

    But still, there are also rumors about an Asia Tour in September 2007. Don’t give up the faith….


  4. If they don’t make it be sure to check out MISHKIN who are a brittish metal band playing at the MIDI Festival on May 2nd.
    Check out there web site and have a listen

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