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Artist of the week: Crystal Butterfly

Crystal Butterfly, Shui Jing Die 水晶蝶乐队, was formed in June 1998 with three of the four remaining members from Lunar Eclipse (月蚀乐队) (formed 1994; other prior members went on to form The Honeys 甜蜜的孩子 in 1997).

Original members singer/bass/rhythm guitar Li Pang 李乓 (aka 乓乓, real name Li Jianfeng 李剑俸), guitar Wang Wenwei 汪文伟, and drummer Chen Song 陈松. Poached Vicky’s Area’s bass Guo Shengsheng 郭生生 for about 4-6 months in 1999, but then let him go. In 1999 or 2000, they started borrowing Qiqi 琦琦 from Chan, and in 2003 he joined the band officially, although he also later joined Blue Garden. The band added another member, an expatriate name Jon, in 2006.

Signing with Beijing’s record label New Bee in November 2000, their record Magical Mystery Tour is finally released in May 2005 and material for a second record called Forest of Illusions is prepared and ready to rock.

As one of the few long-time Shanghai rock bands, Crystal Butterfly are a milestone of Shanghai rock and everyone should make sure to have seen them live at least once …

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Download one of their videos (2.7 MB, WMV, hosted at, caution: slow connection


Underground Shanghai 2000 for download

Underground Shanghai 2000 for download

SHRock 2000

The website has uploaded a whole record full of interesting underground music for free download: Underground Shanghai 2000

To download a song, click right on the little harddisk image and choose “save as…”.

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Artist of the week: Muma (木马)

The band Muma was formed in July 1998 and has quickly established itself as a core element of Beijing’s melancho-rock scene. Awarded “The Best Rock Band of The Year” and “The Best Chinese Albums of The Year” by the 4th Chinese Music Media Awards in July 2004, the band had rosen from the status of an unknown rock act to superstars in the rock scene.

They have released in total three records and they joined not only the Midi festival, but they were also allowed and invited to be shown on the various Midi Music Festival DVDs. Muma supported The International Noise Conspiracy during their Beijing concert and were continously awarded “Best Rock Act” or “Best rock band” by the Chinese Music Media Awards and the Pepsi Music Awards.

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Rock in China Podcast #9 – Punk Rock

Rock in China Podcast #9

Punk Rock

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Rock in China presents it’s 9th show, the punk rock show, with Brainfailure, Easy Going and many others …



Another idea
No Name
Easy Going
Last Chance of Youth


Texas Dave:

Rock on!!!

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