Artist of the week: Hollow


Hollow was founded by Brian, Julian and Florian in Winter 2003 as a side project besides their other bands. After several weeks of small gigs in San Li Tun’s Red Bar, Hollow got the chance to participate in one of the famous Old Get Lucky Bar metal events. Taking their chance they soon not only found a vocalist and a bassist, but also won the hearts of Beijing’s metalheads.

In 2005, Hollow went on a Metal Invasion Tour throughout China and organized several metal cometogethers in Beijing. During their tour, Hollow released their first demo record, entitled “Silence” with three songs that included vocals for the first time. (All other songs circulating in the internet were purely instrumental).

On March 13th 2006, it was announced, that Hollow is supposed to give their last live concert on March 25th 2006 in the New Get Lucky Bar. Brian and Julian are said to leave the country for business and education reasons and therefore the band decided to lay down their instruments and stop performing after their personal own “Last Live”.

However, Hollow is still considered as a crucial moment in Beijing’s metal and metalcore scene.

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One response to “Artist of the week: Hollow

  1. Hi RIC, I’m an italian podcaster and I found you Thanks To the great Tony Reno and his Dragon Radio.

    I was looking for your e-mail address in the site, but I just can’t found it…

    I did like to make you some questions… It’s a shame you don’t habe one.

    However, thanks to you I discovered lots of great music band, especially Proximity Butterfly.

    Keep up the awesome work!!!


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