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Video: SMZB – No Friend No Life

New SMZB music clip to the song “No Friend No Life” from their current album Scream for Life from 2006.

An older clip to their song “No Solution” after the jump…

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Beat-boxing village in China

With just over 400,000 people, Yanjin (zoom out) is a small city located in far-northern China on the North Korean boarder. But according to an article on Shanghaiist this little town has so much more to offer.

Watch the trailer on Tudou.

Yanjin — China’s beat-boxing epicenter: Tipped off from a 5-minute video of a Chinese youngster showing his incredible beat-boxing skills, multi-talented video editor Liu Feng ventured all the way from Shanghai to Yanjin to shoot the trailer above (and hopefully more!?) on this little town.

What he apparently found, was a city full of the beat-boxing spirit. Every school boy and girl seems to be practicing it and most of the people of Yanjin at least heard about the art of beat-boxing.

Another music clip-like video made by Liu Feng is shown below:

Watch the video on Tudou.

Lonely China Day Profile from Danwei TV

Danwei TV produced a short video to introduce the Beijing band Lonely China Day and also interviewed Matt Kagler of LCD’s label Tag Team Records. The video was made just before Lonely China Day embarked on their U.S. tour together with Re-TROS, where they played (among others) at the South by South West festival.

Joyside Tour Dates available

  • 20.04.2007 Berlin (GER), Roter Salon
  • 21.04.2007 Jena (GER), Kassablanca
  • 22.04.2007 Augsburg (GER), Junges Theater
  • 24.04.2007 Dresden (GER), KIF-Kino in der Fabrik
  • 25.04.2007 Stuttgart (GER), Club Schocken
  • 26.04.2007 Wien (A), Gartenbaukino
  • 27.04.2007 Leipzig (GER), Moritzbastei
  • 28.04.2007 München (GER), Muffathalle Cafè
  • 30.04.2007 Frankfurt/M (GER), Tanz in den Mai/Tanzhalle
  • 01.05.2007 Hannover (GER), 1. Mai Open Air
  • 03.05.2007 Bremen (GER), tba
  • 04.05.2007 Hamburg (GER), Nachtasyl
  • 05.05.2007 Freiburg (Ger), Jazzhaus
  • 06.05.2007 Düdingen (CH), Club Bad Bonn
  • 07.05.2007 Zürich (CH), Mascotte
  • 08.05.2007 Köln (GER), Studio 672

Update: Additional tour dates coming in:

  • 09.05.2007 Mainz (GER), KUZ (Kulturzentrum Mainz)
  • 11.05.2007 Dornbirn (A), Spielboden
  • 26.05.2007 Annaberg-Buchholz (GER), Alte Brauerei
  • 27.05.2007 Passau (GER), Pfingst OA
  • 01.06.2007 Berlin (GER), HAU

Joyside Interview (2007)

Joyside, Beijing punk band with two records out in China and one scheduled to be released in Europe had been interviewed by Rock in China.

Topics: Europe Tour and the Punk Rock Scene China

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Preview songs in our Wiki


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Most of those songs are downloadable via the artist page at

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Ninth China Tour 2007

Alternative rock band Ninth (MySpace) is coming to China in March.

Check out their songs Steal the day back, The Run and Last Lullaby on MySpace.

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About Ninth

Inspired by most rock forms, electronica and ethnic music, Ninth blends their influences into their own new style. While the arrangements are never predictable, the melody is still the main priority and is instant and catchy .

Ninth started out as a studio project for guitarist/composer Geir Satre. The goal was to make original music, combining rock, electronica and even classical harmonic structure without loosing the melody. The result is a complex original landscape of sound, with the simplicity and honesty of vocals often found in pop , rock and roots music.

Critics desrcibe their music as “challenging but not difficult to completely fall in love with” and say ” the band takes the listener seriously.”, Ninth is a rock band with lots of temperament, resulting in both warmth and hyper active moments. “We wanna make music that matters. The ideal is that the artist challenges the listener, pushing ideas further, while still reaching out to people. Touching them in a different way. Now that is the ideal art of music, as we see it..”

Ninth live on stage

Tour Dates

8 March – Beijing- Live house,Gulou Dongdajie 111#

9 March – Wuhan- VOX bar,Lumo road

10 March- Hefei- Revolutionary bar,Jinzhai road

11 March- Nanjing- Jidi 77 bar,Hanzhong road 129#

12 March- Shanghai- Harley bar,Nandan road 256#

13 March- Shanghai- 4live club,Jianguozhong road 8#

14 March- Beijing- Nameless highland bar,Anhuili yiqu building 14#