Beat-boxing village in China

With just over 400,000 people, Yanjin (zoom out) is a small city located in far-northern China on the North Korean boarder. But according to an article on Shanghaiist this little town has so much more to offer.

Watch the trailer on Tudou.

Yanjin — China’s beat-boxing epicenter: Tipped off from a 5-minute video of a Chinese youngster showing his incredible beat-boxing skills, multi-talented video editor Liu Feng ventured all the way from Shanghai to Yanjin to shoot the trailer above (and hopefully more!?) on this little town.

What he apparently found, was a city full of the beat-boxing spirit. Every school boy and girl seems to be practicing it and most of the people of Yanjin at least heard about the art of beat-boxing.

Another music clip-like video made by Liu Feng is shown below:

Watch the video on Tudou.

One response to “Beat-boxing village in China

  1. Beat-boxing village in China?
    I am from China and I have never heard of this.

    It’s COOL!

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