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MIDI 2007 Festival Schedule online!!!

Midi 2007

Hi everybody,

Midi is coming up soon and here you will find ALL info on the festival:

Schedules, bands, foreign bands, interviews, accompanying tours and more and more and more stuff:

Flickr Photo sets, links to Youtube videos, here right at RiC we provide all info for you.

The schedule of bands is out and we have it, on Rock in China’s Midi 2007 section.

Further info only posted at!

Rock on!!!



JoySide in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Joyside, punk band from Beijing and featured in the documentary Beijing Bubbles has made it into Germany’s propably most critically acclaimed and most famous newspaper: the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a highly respectable and anotable force in Germany’s media scenary. The article was published on April 16th 2007.


Check out the complete article as PDF (in German only).

Apres Midi 2007 Schedule confirmed!!!

 Apres Midi

Hi everyone,

it’s confirmed. We have the Apres Midi 2007 Schedule of the Midi Music Festival 2007 online!

Check it out …

New section at RiC

Hi everyone,

We’ve opened a new section at Rock in China, called “Photo Sets from China” in which we feature great photo galleries and mainly flickr sets with great photos from bands and concerts in China.

Two sets online so far are:

Check them out!

Rock on!!!


NOFX play Beijing

Probably you already heard about it, but just in case you didn’t:

Punk-legends NOFX will play in Beijing’s Star Live House on April 13th with support by King Ly Chee (Honk Kong). Check the details on

Midi 2007 Metal Bands ?!?

First rumours are out for Midi (not confirmed), especially for the so called “Heavy Days” which are co-organized by the Painkiller Magazine .

May 2nd (Apres Midi @ Star Live Club)

El Caco (Norway)
Hatesphere (Danmark)

May 4th (2nd Stage of Midi)

Ego Fall/颠覆M
Oxygen Can/液氧罐头
BAD/孬 (Malysia)
Raging Mob (Robert’s Thrash Band; Robert is lead shouter of ASSASSIN, a German trash metal band)
Mishkin (England)
8 mm Overdose (USA)
Everset (Japan)
As said before, bands not yet confirmed, but a good guess so far.

Great Tookoo Flickr Set

a photoset by rayxhead

Very well shot photos of Tookoo performing live in Qingdao’s MAX 07 Club.

rayxhead is a photographer travelling between China / Norway / UK and has shot several Chinese bands including Tookoo and Fancy World

Check out the set …