RiC needs you!

Rock in China is in need. We need you! We need your help! We need information!

Rock in China has been run so far by 2-3 persons from China and Germany with various intensities. Sometimes we had a lot of time and could post a lot of articles and infos, but sometimes (such as now) we’re having a backlog of other things to do, so our RiC postings are not as often as we wish them to be.

Therefore we’re looking for you! If you are interesting in helping us, writing reports, sending in photos or informing about concerts, tell us.

Send me your ideas to mlvonschaper at yahoo.de

Rock on!!!



2 responses to “RiC needs you!

  1. Hi,
    I’ll be in China nxt summer, so if I can help you, it’d be a great pleasure !
    I’ll try to see some live concert, if I can find some in Shanghai and Xi’An.
    I alos may try to write some papers about some bands…

  2. (my mail was wrong, it’s le_petrel@hotmail.com)

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