Upcoming Concert Group by Rock in China


Hi everybody,

we of Rock in China have supplied Gig lists with upcoming shows for a long long time. In the beginning we started adding them by hand into HTML, then we had a database and now we had a gig calendar running for a long time, but always with one major disadvantage: it had always only been us who could enter gigs into the database and everybody had to send emails to us. Dozends of emails. Tremendously a lot of work.

Now we want to change to a new system, preferebly a system everybody can use, everybody can enter their gigs and a system we can include at RiC. This system is propably going to be Upcoming! (A susidiary of Yahoo!).

We’ve created a RiC Group there and also opened a new Gigs! menu item on the left.

For time being we’re going to have both gig listings (upcoming and the calendar) up and running, but in the long term we’re going to concentrate on the upcoming on.

Therefore: You are from a band? You are from a bar? You are a concert organizer? You want your gigs displayed? Then hook up with upcoming and enter your gigs, send them to our Rock in China group and they are displayed here and at several of our cooperation sites!

Any questions? Send me an email: mlvonschaper at yahoo.de

Rock on!!!


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