TESTAMENT in Beijing!!

yes, you read it right, US Cult Thrash Gods are coming to Beijing, Chinese Metal Gurus Painkiller Mag are striking again big time, for more information please visit www.painkillermag.com, Tickets available now!!

Support Bands: Honey Gun (CN, NuRock), Grim Force (JP, Metal)

Date: Sun. 29th July 2007, 19:00

Venue: Star Live Club
(Beijing, North 2nd Ring Road at North-West Corner of the Lama Temple Bridge, City Rail 2nd Line –  Lama Temple Station)

Tickets: 190RMB, 290RMB, 666RMB (VIP)

Phone: ++86-10-62159844 (Painkiller Office)  or ++86-13701029421 (Yang)

July 29th 2007 at Star Live Music Hall

Yes! It is true, a dream for most of Chinese metal fans finally came true. US Thrash Heros TESTAMENT will be in Beijing, speakers will explode and the hall will burned down to ashes!

To warm the crowd up a little, Painkiller is going to do a tribute gig with local metal bands doing covers of Testament hymnes on the 27th July.

TESTAMENT Concert in Beijing

Headliner: TESTAMENT

Support Bands: Honey Gun (CN), Grim Force (JP)

Date: 2007-07-29, Sun. 19:00
Venue: Star Live Music Hall
Add.: Beijing, North 2nd Ring Road, North-West corner of Lama Tempel Bridge

Tickets: 190RMB, 290RMB, 666RMB (VIP)
Phone:++86-10-62159844 (Painkiller Office) or ++86-13701029421 (Yang)

Organizer: Pilot Record
Executive Partner: Painkiller Mag
Collaborational Partners: ICON PROMOTIONS, EASY FM, CHANNEL V, Tencent RockQ, Rock Empire Records
Hardware Sponsors: Epiphone, Guangzhou Great Wall Music Equipments (TAMA, MEINL)
Official Support: Sina Music
Online Media: TOM Music, Sohu Entertainment, Mop, myspace.cn, Menlou, Democn.net, Rockyear.com, Rockbj.com, Guitar China
Print Media: 1626城中至潮杂志、通俗歌曲、HIT轻音乐、TOUCH、That’s Beijing、YOHO潮流志、跑调、北京月讯、I TALK、SO COOL、音乐周刊、MUZINE音乐之声、CITY WEEKEND、TIMEOUT乐、北京晚报、北京晨报、京华时报、新京报、北京娱乐信报、法制晚报、竞报


2 responses to “TESTAMENT in Beijing!!

  1. Wow! It sound that hurricane will going to hit china because Testament plus some support band will be there. Blast Live Star Music Hall with your shout and head bang together with the US Thrash Hereos, Testament.

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