Daily work on Rock in China – a report by Azchael

One of the first reliefs one feels after having finished his studies and after having graduated from university, is the loss of this burden on one’s own shoulders, this burden to study, to always have in mind that there is this bachelor thesis waiting for one to sit down and go on writing, this burden to feel guilty when one have not studied for another hour or two.

Finally that feeling has left me, that burden is gone. With entering the work life, the evenings suddenly are not spent in books and formulas, but are rather spent as one’s own desire. And my present desire has been mostly occupied by Rock in China and the extension of our present knowledge base.

Where are we nowadays?

– We started off a few years ago with nothing but plain HTML files, a few javascript ideas and a lot of enthusiams. Today, two of those three things are gone and what is left is our enthusiams to report about that underground scene in China. HTML and javascript became Wiki and these days I spent my nights in front of the computer hacking into our wiki system such information as rock festival schedules, lineups and reviews from 1998 to today. I didnt know that there had been a rock festival in Guilin 2005 and I am still trying to figure out what exactly those Kaiping festivals are I found in the biography of The Swamp.

And as Rock in China is one of the media partners of the Midi Music Festival, we have also started to build up the Midi knowledge in our wiki. Not only the last two festivals should be presented with in-depth details, but also those, most foreigners have NOT been to: 2000-2005. It’s difficult to find information in the web, but luckily our friends at the Midi school are helping us out as far as possible. Yet in the meantime we are gathering a lot of review information from Chinese media giants Sina.com, who have featured nearly every big festival since 2004. A lot of introductions, photos, reviews and additional source material (in Chinese).

Despite translating Chinese websites and entering the info in English, a lot of new data is created as well. Nearly every day a new interview request of mine is leaving my mailbox, asking bands, organizers, promoters or club owners to state a few sentences about the rock scene.

In addition to that, Rock in China has recently joined the collector’s club, i.e. we have submitted a huge chunk of our rock collection to the University of Heidelberg to include a copy of our collection into their research database and to make them available for fellow researchers and students. Cross-linkage to our wiki with cross-information referencing is going to happen as soon as the copy process has been finished.

We are not standing still, Rock in China keeps on rolling!

Rock on!!!


2 responses to “Daily work on Rock in China – a report by Azchael

  1. I’m really happy to see this blog come back — there’s been so much great stuff in just the first week. As a writer and music enthusiast (from the US) living in China, I’m grateful for all your hard work — Rock in China is really valuable resource. Keep it up!

  2. Hello Joel,

    thanks a lot for your comment. We are always trying to find out as much as possible, and this blog has unfortunately been neglected for a long time. Our Wiki however gets daily updates and the download section is ever growing 🙂

    Rock on!!!

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