Interview with The Swamp

Rock in China interviewed Guangzhou indie-rock band “The Swamp“, talking about their latest releases, their recent tours, their plans for the next year and what they think of South China’s rock scene. Interview host was Azchael and from The Swamp did Hai Liang answer all our questions.

The Interview

Azchael: The Swamp, rock band from Guangzhou, formed in 1993, electronic, post-rock, psychedelic music. In short that the band I’m conducting an interview with and I am very happy to have the chance to ask this legends of Guangzhou some questions. First of all, could you maybe shortly introduce yourself and give me a brief introduction, how you came together as The Swamp and how you’ve developed in the last few years.

Hai Liang: The Swamp was formed in my university in the very beginning. Only Roy (the bass player) and I were the band members. It was not until 1997 that my younger brother Sean joined us and played as the drummer. At that time, Jim studied in middle school and learned to play guitar from me. We four often gave performance together. Till the year 2000, The Swamp formally came into being…

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