Investigating the Kaiping festival in Guangzhou

In a followup interview with The Swamp, Rock in China is investigating the Kaiping music festival, which was supposingly held for the first time in 1996 in the tower city of Kaiping.

Azchael: Thanks once again for helping me to figure out about the Kaiping festival. What is the Kaiping festival? Who is organizing it and where can I get more information (website / email)?

Hai Liang: We held this music festival in Kaiping city, and so it comes the name.

In the very beginning, it was organized and held by our band, and some friends working at the radio station and television station.

As one of the backbones, we kept in organized this festival for many years. The latest one was the 6th Kaiping music festival.

Actually, there are plenty of large scale music concerts and festivals in Guangdong but few gives first place to indie musicians or rock bands. Since 1996, Kaiping music festival was held with the purpose of providing them with a chance to play, which still has special significance in Guangdong today. However, it cannot go on due to many different kinds of factors. We still wish to hold this festival again in the future. [Read more…]

The interview session has started on October 26th 2008 and is going to continue for a few weeks in regular intervalls.


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