Another week of work at the wiki behind us

What happened? We interviewed The Swamp, Guangzhou-based indie rockers, we got contacted by a Polish researcher on Chinese rock, contacted Fly Fast Records for more information on their release plans and worked ourselves through the PhD thesis of Qian Wang, extracting infos on bands, records and interviews from the 90s. We found (once again) the Brainfailure website of David O’Dell, on which numerous mp3 are made available and you can find old (and I mean old) photos and articles about the start of the punk scene in Beijing, and we welcomed two new members two our wiki community:

Yeo, friend of The Swamp, helping us on their biography

Muertos, friend of RiC and correspondant of the Painkiller Heavy Music Magazine, supporting us by adding further bands from the Metal Archives China pages

Thanks to you two!!!

Rock on!!!

— Azchael


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