About the Waterland Kwanyin series

There are people that make noise music, those that listen to noise music, those that understand it and those that have no clue why people invest so much time into something that does not even sound a little bit melodic. Since the days of Zwölftonmusik, the opinions on avantgards and nowadays so called noise (without the “… music”) are going into contrasting directions.

In Beijing, China, noise is having its own scene with one of their major highlights every year the Mini Midi festival, organized by Yan Jun. Another regular event, which happens every week, is the Waterland Kwanyin series. Organizing events in Beijing for such a specific music genre is really difficult, but doing it already for more than 2 years on a regular basis is extraordinary (regardless of the genre of the music). Therefore we are just now adding more information on the Waterland Kwanyin series and writing down the event index. Starting in 2008 and going back in time…

More information:




— Azchael

PS: I crossed the word “music”, for I learnt in our interview with Junky Cao of Torturing Nurse, that noise is not associatable with rhythm and melody, which I would call music.


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