New content at Rock in China

Today we added a few new bands from the emo rock genre to our wiki. First of all the Tookoo-drive King-Size China 2 compilation and its related band Flip Side, From Next In and Psycho Candy. Surprise surprise, one of the bands on the compilation is Xi’an-originated new metal / emo rock band Pulse.

I came across Pulse at the end of 2003 in the Bella Bar in Xi’an after a show which blew me away (my first rock show in China). Afterwards we drank a little, talked, played drinking games and joined the whole underground scene towards the Muslim Street of Xi’an, eating till late nite. Pulse drummer at that time, Hao Yi Yang (Allen) became a friend of mine that time and I still have their demo record in the Rock in China collection

Further additions are related to those bands, such as Flip Side’ record Never ending journey.

And, we updated the Band Forming Timeline and went through our artists list to make sure we have all bands added that have a forming date verified.

— Azchael

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