Bringing Foreign Bands to China

Abe Deyo gives in this City Weekend article a pretty good insight into the problems of bringing what he calls bands of the “middle-class of the music industry” to China, especially Shanghai. He argues that while the big acts have the money to apply for the necessary permits and lesser known bands come into China with just tourist visa playing at the smaller underground venues, the musical middle-class operates in a legal gray area or is stuck with the costly and time consuming process of applying for proper visa and performance permits. Due to the increased costs and travel expenses they have to play in bigger venues with even stronger regulations by the Department of Cultural Affairs because underground venues do not have the necessary capacity to generate enough profits to cover the band’s expenses.

Read the full article on City Weekend.

6 responses to “Bringing Foreign Bands to China

  1. Redd Barron is currently preparing to distribute “The Barron’s Here To Rock” to China. They will be scheduling a tour in 2009. Until then, feel free to see them live on youtube. They have several songs from their DVD “Live And Redd”
    Any questions please email

  2. Matsch is Redd Barron a german band or from the United States? I have seen them on you tube but like the other song ‘Another Broken Dream’ I would like to see them live but for now you tube is only place i found. I did not find where to purchase the dvd. I will email you for information thank you sir. I would like to see Guns n Roses also

  3. this is good news for us. redd barron news is found here:

    songs are here:

    i will await their arrival to japan! barron rocks japan!

  4. Guns N’ Roses was the last of the pop culture-faced politics that represented a cognitive bias that was a great disservice to open minded & objective humans around the world the actualities of China; now here’s the great satire of which Chinese rockers have reclaimed 2008 back from all the Sinophobic clamour and anti-China zombies:

  5. Thanks Bobbie. Very interesting indeed!

  6. YouTube has been blocked in China since March 2009, or even a month early … also FaceBook, so most of the people in China will have difficulty in viewing them live on YouTube…

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