Interview with Fly Fast Records

Rock in China interviewed Fly Fast Records on December 17th 2008.

Azchael: Fly Fast Records is a Germany-based record label distributing not only the Beijing Bubbles documentary, but also several Chinese artists. Today’s interview is with the founders of the record label, George Lindt and Susanne Messmer, and we are talking about their record label, the Chinese music scene, Fly Fast’s plans for the future and which bands George and Susanne would like to see more often in Europe. George, Susanne, could you maybe shortly introduce yourself and how Fly Fast Records came into being?

Fly Fast Records: We have both been working as music journalists since many years. George has also been running record labels since he was seventeen years old. We have both moved to Berlin in the beginning of the nineties – a rather exciting period for this city. East and west had not totally been reunified at that time, there were lots of illegal clubs in buildings where the owners still had to be found and the music underground was very vital and manifold, too. There was an atmosphere of “anything goes” just everywhere. This seemed to disappear more and more ten years later. we missed this time a lot. When we first came to Beijing in 2004, we had not planned to explore the music underground at all. We came as tourists. But what we found inspired us immediately.

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One response to “Interview with Fly Fast Records

  1. Sounds like a vibrant scene.

    Chack out Stone Baby on ***

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