A story of love: My times in Mao

Turdus Musicus in MAO Livehouse

Closed! Shut down! Locked and dark! The MAO Livehouse is gone! That place of underground feeling that welcomed one with cheap(?) booze and rocking shows! In the years 2007 and 2008 I spent most of my rock-laden nights at this venue, in search for the kick of the night and a spirit I found mostly lost in Western music: real anger and passsion. Aggressivity and melancholy. It was here that I saw The Falling, that we started a mosh pit for Surprise, that we enjoyed a packed house for Tookoo’s A Distance for 7 Years release. It was one of the venues that opened their doors for the foreign bands that stranded in Beijing in May 2008 after the final cancellation of the Midi festival. And it was just a couple of months ago, that I sat with the folks of Painkiller and MetalCon in the shabby upper part for a beer and smoke to discuss the start of another journey in our musical life. Gone are these times and it seems that also the very location it all happened has been closed for good.

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