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Denmark @ China 2010

洋鬼摇滚演艺制作公司,联合丹麦音乐使者马汀·罗恩(Martin Roen)以及ELD文化新浪潮中心,将在接下来的5个月中,将为隆重您献上5支具有非凡创造性的丹麦音乐团体,并把他们绝妙的现场表演带到中国各个城市。这5支乐队——都是经由丹麦政、经及文化界高层精心挑选之后——均以确定赴华参加2010年上海世博会丹麦馆主题表演。因此无论是从音乐角度还是舞台表演而言,他们都可谓代表了丹麦现代音乐的精髓。而世博会之外,洋鬼摇滚会荣幸的展开“Denmark@China”系列现场演出,把他们的声音传到神秘东方的每个角落。

YGTwo Productions, in association with Martin Roen Denmark in China and ELD Cultural Waves, is extremely excited to present five great Danish musical talents over the next five months in cities and venues across the Middle Kingdom. The artists come to China via Denmark’s musical commitment to Shanghai Expo 2010, organized by Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority, where they will each perform at the Danish Pavilion. Fortunately for Chinese audiences outside of the Expo grounds, the best of the bunch will head to cities around the country. YGTwo Productions is honoured to present the following artists in venues across China:

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Why the scene has to get international – and China-only is a deadlock

As Martin Atkins told Tookoo after his Midi School speach, it is imminent that bands do appeal to an international audience for success outside of their home country, preferably by singing in English. If the Chinese underground music scene is not getting more international they will be caught in a deadlock! The world’s most successful artists have always been English-languages ones and even those non-English singing artists that do appear in front of sold out venues in Europe do so by a huge effort spent on making their music more accessibles for people able to speak English.

I do not speak about the style of music or the language bands should sing in, but about the surrounding factors:

  • The booklet of a CD
  • The MySpace pages
  • The leaflets send around
  • The stickers posted in big cities
  • The blog posts
  • And the maturity of English in interviews with the band

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DIY – On how to do a music video

To the why … why should a band do it?

A band is about music and about performing their music. Therefore most bands have in mind “to make a good EP” and “to have lots of gigs”, but by doing this they blend out the whole music machinery working in the background surrounding the music and the band as a performing artist. The youth of today, as far as we are allowed to speak for them, is an internet-savy one, one that grew up with MTV going from mediocre to worse in terms of music videos on TV and other channels, such as Channel V (in Asia) or VIVA (in Germany) taking its place. With the introduction of the internet in the 90s and the bandwidth explosion in the 2000s, Youtube is one of the biggest phenomenoms in the web, not just due to its Web 2.0 character, but also because it’s one of the first sites to be used to find out about a new band. Take a typical IM coversation for example that starts off with

“Hey, have you heard about XXX? They are pretty awesome”

“No, I haven’t, any good music around?”

“Yeah, wait, check out that video”

So why are most people using it? Because 1) you don’t have to download anything! No mp3 download (no visible mingeling with copyrights!), no hassle in clicking several dialog boxes (save as… folders…) and later finding the mp3 again AND 2) the visual aspect that helps to build an association in our little human brains. People do remember particular things better if more than one of our senses is used, hence the popularity of TV and nowadays Youtube for such matters.

If you are a band that is talked about, then you better make sure the Johns and Jennys of this world have something to share about when they are on IM!

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