Denmark @ China 2010

洋鬼摇滚演艺制作公司,联合丹麦音乐使者马汀·罗恩(Martin Roen)以及ELD文化新浪潮中心,将在接下来的5个月中,将为隆重您献上5支具有非凡创造性的丹麦音乐团体,并把他们绝妙的现场表演带到中国各个城市。这5支乐队——都是经由丹麦政、经及文化界高层精心挑选之后——均以确定赴华参加2010年上海世博会丹麦馆主题表演。因此无论是从音乐角度还是舞台表演而言,他们都可谓代表了丹麦现代音乐的精髓。而世博会之外,洋鬼摇滚会荣幸的展开“Denmark@China”系列现场演出,把他们的声音传到神秘东方的每个角落。

YGTwo Productions, in association with Martin Roen Denmark in China and ELD Cultural Waves, is extremely excited to present five great Danish musical talents over the next five months in cities and venues across the Middle Kingdom. The artists come to China via Denmark’s musical commitment to Shanghai Expo 2010, organized by Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority, where they will each perform at the Danish Pavilion. Fortunately for Chinese audiences outside of the Expo grounds, the best of the bunch will head to cities around the country. YGTwo Productions is honoured to present the following artists in venues across China:

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