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Album reviews online (German only)

German online magazine has posted another two record reviews of Chinese CDs in their collaboration with RockCon. Bands reviewed are Ordnance and Ourself Beside Me. In German only but worth a read:


Artist of the week: Wanderlust

Wanderlust are a Tianjin four-piece act, that also performs under the name Carpet of Let and is playing a mixture of Bass/Fuzz Bass and Post Punk. They seem to be around since 2008, firstly performing in Tianjin and later in Beijing, being a regular act on the Zoomin Night of D-22. Good thing about them is that despite their short existence, they have upped a whole bunch of songs on their Douban page and have also three live shots from their D-22 excursions at youku.

Take a look at their song Psycho Killer or listen to Wickedness online.

Read more about Wanderlust …

Gig Reviews this week

It seems the attention of the week had been with the release of Subs album on the 23rd. Both BJ Daze and BJ Noise focussed their Friday night on the sublime performance of the so called Queen of Punk.

The guy behind Modern Sky Records …

“I hope that people from all over the world come to Beijing just for Modern Sky Festival with more and more international bands taking part. I want to the brand Modern Sky to represent the absolute ultimate in music,” Shen told the Global Times.

CMR just pointed out to this interesting interview by Global Times with the guy behind Modern Sky Records, the Modern Sky Festival and numerous releases in recent years. Who’s the guy? It’s Shen Lihui! Check it out …

New label in Shanghai / what’s up at Douban

Just a quickie on the way:

  • Andy Best seems to have established his very own label! As Jake released, even though Andy mentioned it to be not online prior July 31st, Qu (as in 区 or district) is the name. Well done, let’s see some results!
  • Alex of Beijing Gig Guide has upped another post about new songs that were uploaded on Douban. Bigger Bang, Super VC and Sparrow… well, not the creme de la creme, but still worth a visit
  • In other news, Luwanrock seems to be fascinated about an expat band called The Dudettes, as can be seen by his shouts, last attempts and re-births.

Festivals, CMR and Helen Feng

Some kind of irony. Yesterday, Layabozi mentioned the great relationship Archie of CMR has with Helen Feng and by today CMR upped another article by Helen Feng about the topic of the year: the festivals.

Helen basically defended the big three etablished festivals, offering her criticsm and advice to the new frontier, the so called 2nd tier of festivals that sprung into life this year.

So, keep on reading …

And if you want to know more:

Artist of the week: Subs

(Subs on Oct. 8th 2004 by Yoshito Katori)

In an attempt to revive the good old Artist of the Week posts, our first band are punk / indie Gods & Goddesses Subs, which recently released their new album Queen of Fucking Everything and have returned to Beijing after their nation-wide tour. What is to say about Subs, the one band that Mr. Andy Best is so fascinated about? They have energy, they have passion, they have raw brutality inscribed in their bodies and music. They started in 2002, have released in total 4 CDs, went on tours all over China and at least once to Europe! They had been on the cover of the Chinese Rolling Stones and are a fixed booking on nearly every festival.

Give it a listen over at Neocha EDGE as they have – friendly guys they are – published the complete record for streaming.  And while you are enjoying the riffs of Subs, read up on them at RiC…