Bandapart China Tour

This one just came in by Jon of YGTWO, who is actively promoting jazz and rock events in China: Bandapart, a Danish band is coming over (again) for a 5-city tour.  Here are the details:

Bandapart has been compared with Chicago’s avant-rock scene, the Icelandic “sound”, experimental jazz and Bill Frisell. The four band members are veterans of the Danish jazz scene, and all four musicians share a predilection for the playful and improvisational aspects of performing together. The band describes its music as a constantly varying journey through a colourful sound landscape. Guest musicians from The Danish Royal Symphony Orchestra, the Copenhagen jazz underground and New York’s downtown scene assist in adding nuance to Bandapart’s musical universe.

Bandapart乐 队(分离乐队)是一支堪与芝加哥前卫摇滚、冰岛“声音”、实验爵士、以及Bill Frisell相提并论的乐队。乐队的四名成员均是丹麦爵士乐坛的宿将,热衷于合作演奏过程中的轻松交流和即兴发挥。他们希望通过他们的音乐呈现给听众一 幅色彩斑斓、鲜明生动的音响画卷。Bandapart乐队经常与来自丹麦皇家交响乐团、哥本哈根地下爵士、以及纽约市区音乐等团体及流派的 嘉宾乐手进行合作,从而使其其音乐风格更加丰富细致。

What the press is saying about Bandapart:
“Bass, guitar, drums and keyboards are instruments equally suitable to rock and jazz, and Bandapart operates constantly in the borderland between the two.” GAFFA (Danish music magazine)

“Fans of early ECM-era Bill Frisell, Tortoise, Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The Chicago Underground and other Post-Rock ensembles will find much adore in Bandapart” – Cadence Magazine, New York
“Bandapart乐队的成员热衷于ECM时代早期音乐家的作品风格,如Bill Frisell,Tortoise,Godspeed You! Black Emperor。在Bandapart乐队身上可以看到Chicago Underground和其它后摇滚风格乐队的影子。”
纽约Cadence Magazine

No strangers to the Middle Kingdom, Bandapart performed in China in March 2007 and again in May 2009. They participated in Beijing’s Time Arts Jazz Series, the Nine Gates Jazz Festival and concerts in a variety of venues across the country. Their latest album, Vision de Lamarck (2008), is available for purchase in China exclusively via

Bandapart2007年和2009年来过中国巡演,参加过《时代佳艺爵士系列》、《九门爵士 节》和全国不同场地的演出。第二张专辑《Vision du Lamarck》国内独家下载: (挖挖哇)。

Tour Schedule:

Mon Aug 2 2010年08月02日周一:杭州 Hangzhou JZ Club
Thu Aug 5
2010年08月05日周四: Beijing 北京 MAO Livehouse
Fri Aug 6 2010年8月06日周五  Wuhan 武汉 VOX Livehouse
Sat Aug 7 2010年8月7日周六 Zhenjiang 镇江 HiFi Xijindu西津渡
Sun Aug 8 2010年8月8日周日 上海 Shanghai 东方艺术中心 Oriental Arts Centre
Mon Aug 9 2010年8月9日周一 上海 Shanghai JZ Club
Wed Aug 11 2010年8月11日周三: 上海 Shanghai EXPO 世博会

Further information:


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