Zoomin Night – WLIB points out to the experimental D-22 scene

We Live in Beijing’s very own Pete DeMola pointed out to the experimental scene of D-22 and its regular gathering called Zoomin Night. With a steady audience and several die-hard fans the event series has seen performances of 心脏杂音,Fat City,路新配,Hot & Cold,憬观:像同叠,Soviet Pop,Jackson Garland,Sister Oriented,Birdstriking守望,晚餐袜子,麻沸散,核桃室 and A4Destroyer, to name a few.

Pete is giving a very good and brief overview with interview sniplets with some of the major bands involved as well as the guys behind Maybe Mars and D-22. As word is, MM is preparing a compilation record featuring the most prominent Zoomin Night bands on it. New faces for the world!

The biggest event, as far as Pete reports, is the gig of PK 14 which had been attended by

Three-hundred plus fans (that) sang along, held transfixed for an hour by five musicians at peak form (Spectator V lent an extra pair of hands on the guitar) as they performed those cathartic anthems, ten songs that have been seared into the collective consciousness many times over.

Interesting enough are the associations drawn in regard of the No Beijing movement and the Waterland Kwanyin event by Yan Jun. Whereas the later one is a hardcore noise and avantgarde concert that took place every Tuesday in the 2 Kolegas and featured numerous famed and famous artists from the global avantgarde scene (and which are usually totally unknown to the rock fan), the reference to No Beijing, i.e. the music brought forward by Carsick Cars, Snapline and a limited range of other bands, lets one categorize the bands performing at Zoomin Night somewhere between standard brit-tock/brit-punk and die-hard noise with propably all kind of intermixes in between. It should not surprise that Shou Wang, of Carsick Cars, of Soviet Pop, of White, is one prominent figure in that scene and propably a huge driver in it as well.

Very well written piece by Pete. Thumbs up!


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