Rumour: Voodoo Kungfu / Buyi in Europe – China Rock Axe

Let’s add something to the rumours in the blogosphere:

Voodoo Kungfu, the Beijing extreme thrash / ritual metal band  surplus folk rock band Cloth (Buyi) are on the offer for a Europe tour including the Netherlands, France, Austria and Belgium. Here are the details as found on the MassiveTour agency page:

TIME October 2010

A tour with two rock/ metal bands from China in Europe. The Netherlands, France, Austria and Belgium will be the tour sites. Exact show dates will be announced soon.

A Beijing-based metal band Voodoo Kungfu (Chinese name: ??, “Zero One“) is at the forefront of the contemporary Chinese music scene, combining traditional Mongolian and Tibetan musical themes with a modern heavy metal oeuvre. Crunching, grinding and thrashing guitar parts share the stage with Chinese percussion instruments, a Mongolian matouqin “horse-head” violin and Tibetan vocal techniques that, when performed alongside macabre Asiatic iconography, showcase an unmistakably intense and unique energy not found anywhere else.

Started in 1995 in Yinchuan, Ningxia, Buyi Band make refreshing and natural music, expressing the original disposition of the people of north-west China. Listening to their music is like wandering around the boundless wilderness of Ningxia, surrounded by beauty that will make your head spin. Buyi Band are critically acclaimed by main stream media as the most outstanding popular rock band. The band has been running for 14 years and their albums include “That Long”, live album and DVD “Endless Wine”, their new EP “That Place of Buyi Band” and many more unofficially released records which are enjoyed by their fans.

As Voodoo Kungfu has already seen the Wacken Open Air scenary that would not be an unlikely scenary, not at all.


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