Artist of the week: Pairs

Shanghai band Pairs seems to be the center of attention at the moment in the blogosphere. First, Andy Best got all whuzzed up about them, then Luke at Beijing Noise released an interview with them, then Morgan Short dedicated his MP3 Monday issue to them and now also Layabozi has another interview out with them. Jake Newby further adds that Time Out wrote about them. Even the folks of at WLIB have a say in the matter… So that means, that there is something to write about!

A mixture of rock, punk and indie, they were formed in 2009 on a skateboard event and are constantly on tour ever since. Check out the list of gigs at the RiC wiki and you know what we are talking about. Recently they paired up with Andy Best and his “Qu” record label and released a video for their first major song Yangpu Qu (see the video).

The music itself is propably best described as “Lo-Fi” noise punk. Some kind of guitar-shredded angry straight-forward thrash, close to a garbage-infused lava walz ramming your head against wall with a screamed vocal underneath. In one word: Sweet! Listen to it by yourself:


  • Thumbs up to Morgan for the mp3: Yangpu Qu,
  • and at Douban you can check out their second song Oh Ghost.

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