Scene in Wanzhou (万州)

CQScene, an online city magazine of Chongqing recently upped an article, merely a small post, about the local nightlife scene of Wanzhou, 万州, a small city of 1.6-1.7 million inhabitants in the muncipality of Chongqing. Below a couple of information on that part of China’s rock scene…

As per CQ Scene, there are mainly three local scene areas

  1. Central Park
  2. BaiYan Lu
  3. Seed Bar

with the latter one being the local stage for musicians, folksters and even your very own MP3 player.

As per, there seem to be at least a dozend bands in Wanzhou.

And as per, Chongqing band Narrenschiff had a couple of concerts in Wanzhou, including a December 24th 2004 Wanzhou Christmas Rock Festival (万州圣诞摇滚音乐节).

As Wang Qian had pointed out, rock music and underground culture in general has not stopped and wether it’s Yaogun Yibian or Yaogun Wanzhou, local scenes are existing and forming a part of the Chinese youth culture these days.

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