Artist of the week: Finger Family (指人儿)

Within the last few year it seems there is a new wave of new and fresh young Chinese rock bands starting out, acting both confident and convincing. Even though formed in 2008, Finger Family definately is one of the best representative of this new wave of Chinese rock. Just like front girl Jojo’s natural appearance, also their is cute and naive and yet powerful, i saw them once live on Yixian Festival and they played very tight, they sure know how to rock! Off-stage their are just a lovely bench of humble and shy young kids but on-stage they are a hord of unleashed wild animals. I wonder how come such a young band can have such professional songwriting and playing skills. If i do a festival all my fave Chinese bands, Finger Family would be on top of my wish list and i would grant them the extra play time they deserve to fully expose their energy. So far they already made it to play on all the most important festivals and even appeared on TV serveral times. Unbelievable they still are an unsigned band but no need to worry, just like power girl Jojo said, five fingers hold together is a strong fist that can crush through any difficualties and hindernesses. If they dont come out big time within foreseeable time there must be something wrong with the Chinese rock scene. Respect and all the best! – Yang


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