Monthly Archives: September 2010

Metal Section extensively updated.

Our good frriend The Evil Skull further extended the metal section of RiC:


Video: Overload – The Warriors (Chensheng Wuguang)

Artist: Overload (超载乐队)
Song : 陈胜吴广

Video: Queen Sea Big Shark – Let’s Play

Artist: Queen Sea Big Shark
Song: Let’s Play

It has been a little bit more quite on the blog in recent days, as work has caught up with us.

Wiki: Metal Bands extensively updated

Thanks to our good friend TheEvilSkull, our metal section at the RiC wiki got extensively updated. A couple of bands updated:

Video: Rakasasa (罗刹乐队), Neo-Thrash with female vocals

Thanks a lot to TheEvilSkull, a youtube user who has uploaded numerous videos of the Chinese metal scene and who is actively working at the RiC Wiki! The above video has been posted by him!

Video: 641 – 妈妈您真的已经老了吗

Tianjin’s very own 641, a metal/hardcore band! Song taken from their album 不插电. Thanks to lluksliveeht for uploading!

Video: Oxygen Can – 无可救药 | Chinese Nu-Metal

Great and famous underground rock band Oxygen Can!