Hongkong Underground – The Fringe & The Wanch

A little personal note on the side from the mainland news: I had been to Hongkong for the weekend and had the chance to see two gigs over there.

On Friday, 3rd of June, I saw a concert of various bands at The Fringe, a nice bar next to Lan Kwai Fong, the main bar area for expats & tourist on Hongkong Main Island. The audience was mostly indie students and younger crowd along with the occassional photographer. Beer was for sale for ~50HKD and it was only disappointing to see several bands with only 3 songs performing. Exception: Matchbox. Nice band.

On Saturday, June 4th 2011, we headed to The Wanch, a small underground bar, famed for their status as Hash House Harriers bar and with a stage directly next to the entrace. We saw a few bands, the sound system was to be improved (where was the vocal of the last band?) and one could buy CDs of the Hongkong scene. Splendid!

I can recommend everyone to have a look at both bars whenever you have the chance to visit Hongkong.


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