Kuddos to “Cool Ghoul” for providing this on our Facebook group:

Here’s the first bit. This is the pilot for a weekly, 30 minute program on contemporary Chinese independent music that will be airing on four stations in the United States (2 in New York, 1 in Arkansas – of all places, and 1 in New Hampshire), with more to come as we slowly roll this out. The first cycle will consist of 10-12 episodes.

From the youtube description:

This is the pilot for MUSIC KINGDOM, a weekly, half-hour trip into the past, present and future of mainland Chinese rock’n’roll music. At the present it will be airing on the following stations in the United States: ACTV Channel 20 in Atkinson, New Hampshire, CAT TV in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Time-Warner Cable Channel 98 of Syracuse, New York, and on OSM Channels 16 or 18 (TBD) in Schenectady, NY.. Selected episodes will be uploaded to Youtube.

Onthis ,our wonky, maiden edition of MUSIC KINGDOM, we look at Xi’an’s NONAME, Beijing’s THE DANCERS, Xi’an’s SUCKER, Chengdu’s THE TROUBLE, and Beijing’s THE K, plus a brief bit on the phenomenon of “Da Kou”: the underground, cut-out CD and cassette revolution that brought mainland China’s rock music to a new generation of fans, post- Cui Jian.

It’s 30 minutes of punk, rock’n’roll, ska and ska-punk by way of music videos and exclusive live performances.

If you would like to keep on top of mainland Chinese music with the click of a mouse, check out: rockinchina dot com. MUSIC KINGDOM is not affiliated with RIC, but we heartily endorse their endeavor.

I am the creator and rights holder to this video and it has been uploaded with my permission.

This video is uploaded under the Creative Commons Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 agreement.

Definitely two thumbs up!


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