Chinese Concert Posters

2003_09_05: Gone (走了)2009_05_16_零壹乐队上海专场2009_04_30_miketv2009_04_26_Zhang Tie2009_04_24_Fading Horizon2009_04_24_Dovetail Joints
2009_04_19_2009中国口琴布鲁斯盛会 - 上海站2009_04_18_重塑雕像的权利2009全国巡演-上海站2009_04_16_手风琴和棒棒糖不插电专场2009_04_15_大友良英,Sachiko M,FEN,上海音乐会2008_Chinese concert poster2008_Chinese concert poster
2008_10_25: The Rogue Transmission EP Release Party2008_09_28: 13 Club Metal Festival2008_09_24_post live2008_09_15: "School Uniform Rock Night" at Mao Live2008_09_13: After Olympic, Reflector Gig2008_08_30: "Beat the heat! Heat the sound!"
2008_08_23: "I love Beijing Punk" - ChungLing's Birthday Party with Bad Dream / SKO / Larry's Pizza2008_08_08_Rock Tianjin City2008_07_18_Chinese concert poster2008_07_12_Chinese concert poster2008_07_11-12_Summer Metal Special2008_06_28_The Siren Temptation

Chinese Concert Posters, a set on Flickr.

A collection of concert posters over the years …

Via Flickr:
These poster haven’t been created by me, but I have the right to publish them and they are stored at Flickr for display of Chinese variety in concerts.

They are further displayed at

Posters displayed are mainly from Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an.


One response to “Chinese Concert Posters

  1. There are some great looking posters on there. Very impressive indeed.

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