Ocean Midi 2011 – Yuan Stage (Electro Stage Schedule)

The Preface of Electronic Stage in 2011 Ocean  Midi    Festival: the Indispensable Voice in This Era

Don’t try to doubt about the existence of electronic music in  China , because the answer is sure yes.

With more than 10 years’ developing,  China  electronic music has almost accomplished all the developments in each link between composers from different communities. The synthesizer has been playing a more and more important role in rock music, the experimental electronic is fulfilled by inexact art and sound boundary, record collection and dance floor experience is not worse than local DJs in Europe and the hardworking of each indie label and good music producers have all been proving this conclusion. If electronic music is the indispensable voice in this era, then this kind of low key and patience will welcome the first bottle of champagne for  China  new music in the 10s in the 21st century.

Midi Festival is the first music festival which has an electronic stage in  China  and this kind of forward looking has been continued till today. As one of the strong brands for Midi, this year’s electronic stage in Ocean Midi Festival has got something new to achieve: with more than 30 artists who come from the best electronic teams in Beijing and Shanghai, these underground heroes will show you the highest level of China electronic music in Ri Zhao, Shan Dong.

Techno, House, Durm & Bass, Funky, Electro, Dubstep…the diversity of styles and formations shows us the phenomenal progress of local power. Moreover, Chinese will act as a very important role in this festival, thus we can see that the experienced Mesozoic DJs and the original Cenozoic producers have already made the foundation for the explosion of electronic music in  China .

The electronic stage will not just be a supporting role this time. Talking about the activity arrangement and hardware supporting, they are not worse than the other two stages and even new and unique. 3 sessions per day and altogether 4 days’ party, from the beach to the lawn, from the afternoon to next day’s sunrise, the unique and creative Electronic Stage Truck will send ravers to every place where they can dance at. The attitude pursuing freedom inherits the rove tradition of the west. And the huge open space and the group spiritual gathering will make every participator experience the magic progress when music comes into the ear, goes through brain nerve and finally controls the body to wave.

Advance, radical, artistic, fashionable…although it’s hard to find a word exactly describing the electronic music’s position in  China , we can’t deny that this kind of musical experience which is different from rock music has already been extending widely here. Especially with the coming of 2011 Ocean Midi Festival, electronic music makes a strong and cultural calling. August 4 to 7, Ri Zhao, Shan Dong, let’s looking forward to joining in the electronic gala party in Ocean Midi Festival!

Check out the schedule …


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