Subs – We Don’t Have To Wait Someday

SUBS was formed in the cold Beijing winter of 2002 by vocalist Kang Mao, guitarist Wu Hao, drummer Shi Xudong and bass player Sun Xia, but the band would have to wait a few months until the present bass player, Zhu Lei came along and finalized the line-up. SUBS gathers inspiration for their screaming punk rock pleasures from bands such as the Hives, Fugazi and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, while at the same time making their own distinct mark on the world of rock.

The band’s live performances are riotous explosions of pure musical energy displaying a commitment seldom seen on the Chinese punk scene. And when the guitarist Wu Hao, who happens to sport the coolest afro since Shaft, goes bad on his Gibson, you know you are having a party on your hands. Wrapping up the image is the combination of Shi Xudong, who by some is described as the “most muscular guy in the Beijing punk scene”, pounding the drums and Zhu Lei’s jumpy and rumbling bass accompanying Kang Mao’s wails and screams through the fast-paced set. And when it’s all over, don’t be shy, buy them a drink and continue the party that they started on stage.

Thanks to an invitation to play at Oslo, Norway’s Øya Festival and the small tour that followed in 2005, the band has won over a new European audience and garnered interest from local and international print and broadcast media. A sampling of the international press coverage: NRK (Norwegian Public Radio); American Public Radio International; the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong); Nylon(Australia); Roadtracks (Germany); BA and BT, two of Norway’s largest newspapers, and more, including a range of documentaries from around Europe. A second trip to Europe followed in October 2005, following an invitation to the Amsterdam China Festival. The summer of 2006 saw the band play over 30 festival, club and bar shows in four countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark), picking up a new following across the region and garnering coverage in a range of media (Radio Helsinki, BT, BA, and more). In Copenhagen, Sonic Studios recorded the band at the end of the tour.

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