Wild Children – 咒語

In February 1995, Wild Children was founded in Hangzhou by Zhang Quan and Xiao Suo. In May, Zhang Quan and Xiao Suo went back to their birth place: Lanzhou, a city in Northwestern China. They spent almost a whole year to investigate on and collect Chinese Northwestern folk music. During the time, they started from Yan’an, Shaanxi Province, walked along the Yellow River until arriving in Inner Mongolia.

In March 1996, Zhang Quan and Xiao Suo came to Beijing and practiced with a couple of local musicians.

On January 1, 1997 at Da Xi Club, Beijing, Zhang Quan and Xiao Suo, together with Zhang Jian (mouth harmonium), Yue Hao Kun (bass guitar) and Yu Wei Min (drums) performed with the name of “Wild Children” for the first time. In March, Zhou Guo Bin, a drummer coming from Sichuan Province joined in Wild Children and started to use hand drums transformed from traditional Chinese drums. On August 23, Wild Children (Zhang Quan, Xiao Suo and Zhou Guo Bin) held a special performance in Lanzhou. In October, Zhou Guo Bin left Wild Children. Zhang Quan and Xiao Suo continued to stay in Beijing, performed occasionally at different places. During the time, Ye Hong Min played drums for Wild Children temporarily.


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