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Rock in China available in white …

As per common request, Rock in China is now also available with a white skin for registered and non-registered users.

Just click on one of the two “A” blocks to switch to the other skin:


Recommended listening: Any More | Beijing Screamo

Beijing screamo band ANY MORE was formed in 2009 and has unleashed a powerful blow in the music scene.

Any More said that more of our passion, beyond the mentality of self, more of the pursuit of perfection. Any More to give us pleasant melodies and restless band live is the wish of each member.

A definite recommendation by Rock in China, listen to 折翼鸟  or any of their other songs at Douban.

Yaksa – 惩罚之鞭 | Chinese Metalcore

Beijing metalcore legends (?) Yaksa and one of their new songs.

The festival talk – again

Similar to the discussions led in 2010, the recent boom of festivals is bringing another round of the festival talk on the table:

First it was Jon Campbell who made an analysis of the state of the Chinese music festival. Then along came the China Daily and my personal money quote:

Xu estimates the roughly 100 Chinese music festivals in 2011 will attract about 3 million people.