Soundtoy – never ever | Chinese rock

Chengdu-based rock band SOUNDTOY and their song “never ever” from their self-released record “THE WONDERFUL TRIP”.

Sound Toy’s front man, a former teacher, founded the band and is its lead vocalist.

The astounishing diversity in their play, the richness of their sounds and the emotions they awake in their listeners are just a few of Sound Toy’s features that make every show unique and an experience of its own.

Using all different kind of instruments up to the big emperor drums, Sound Toy’s songs reach deep into the souls and hearts of those that listen and tell stories of forgotten times and lost loves. Surplusing their emotional sounds with a partly melancholic, partly flowing voice, Sound Toy’s music is more of a poem woven into the air, more a piece of art, a painting in all colors of the rainbow, then plain tones and notes.

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