DUDE – Nobody | Beijing Punk Rock

DUDE is an international band, playing all types of music ranging from pop to punk to good old rock and roll. The band’s story began in 2007 by three foreigners, American Cody (lead singer), Frenchman Matt (bass guitar / vocal, formerly in French punk band Straightaway), another Frenchman Jeremy (guitar / vocal). They started out playing classic American pop songs (The Eagles, R Kelly, Stevie Wonder), but after a while turned into a Pop Punk / Hardcore band, feeling the impact from the U.S. all-star big band “Me First and the Gimme Gimmes”. During the 2008 Spring Festival, Zhou Yongzhi (lead guitar / vocal) and Hou-kai (drum) joined to form a complete lineup. They played a selection of Chinese songs, and began to play the most widely circulated Chinese-language pop songs by adding poison and turning them into a Pop Punk / Hardcore, like “poisoning” the name of pop songs.

This is their song NOBODY from their Douban page.

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