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Interview with Shanghai math rock band “X is Y”

In October 2011, Rock in China interviewed Shanghai math rock band X is Y via email. G was answering for X is Y and Azchael for Rock in China.

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SS20 China Tour 2011


SS20 plays fast, dark, pissed-off hardcore-punk influenced by d-beat and touched by metal. They formed in 2007, toured Germany and Eastern-Europe together with IN DEFENCE (USA), attended festivals across Europe and have toured South Korea and twice in China. In May 2011 they released a new split 10” vinyl split with Chinese hardcore punks Demerit and will be touring China from October 29th to November 20th.


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What’s happening with Douban?

What’s happening with Douban? I can’t login anymore because that captcha sign / graphic is not appearing. Happened a couple of days ago as well and now its persistent since yesterday!

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The Raving Radio – 微笑

Beijing emo/screamo band THE RAVING RADIO and their song 微笑 from their record INFINITE SOUND.

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The Northwest Wind / 西北风

The Northwest Wind genre has a particular place in the history of rock in China. At the end of the 80s it rose from being a folk song genre to being the precursor to Chinese rock in the North of the PRC.

As per Andreas Steen and Jin Zhaojun:

This music takes modern Western rock music – a typical pop music originated under the conditions of industrialisation – and the culture of Chinese, especially North West Chinese folk music – a typical music culture that preserved itself in its isolation – and creates out of both the musical genre “North West Wind”: Sinosized Rock Music (Zhongguo minzuhua yaogun) (Jin Zhaojun (1988b): ‘Feng cong nali lai?’ (From where blows the wind?), in Renmin Ribao, 23.8.1988:5)

The most famous Northwest Wind song is Xintianyou:

Andreas Steen went on, in his book “Der Lange Marsch des Rock’n’Roll” to show the path the Northwest Wind has taken to meet up with Chinese rock. Rock in China is proud to be able to provide the English translation of that particular chapter for you to read.

X is Y – LP&EP for free download | Shanghai Math Rock

True, this download is not new, as it is online since 2009, however nevertheless, we don’t want to withhold from you another piece of Shanghai rock: X is Y!

The French / Chinese trio hasmade their debut LP and EP available for free and legal download on their own webite

X is Y, In front of LUNE 2011 05 21, photo (c) X is Y Facebook

Interview with Ayumi of Broken Promises

Shanghai’s metal band is as heavy as Beijing’s – Ayumi

Broken Promises is an upcoming Shanghai metalcore band and the interview took place via MSN on Saturday, October 1st 2011, with Broken Promises shouter Ayumi. From Rock in China, Azchael led the interview.

Azchael: First of all, can you please quickly introduce yourself and the band?

Ayumi: Yes~Actually I began to listen these music like metalcore,deathcore from 2009. My friend asked me to watch a live with him then I went, It’s my first time know that,Oh, people can play music like that! very interesting!
At the same time, I came to know our bassist (2D), It’s October 19th, 2009, 2D told me that he want to organize a band, ask me if I can be the vocal
then Broken Promises was born~

Azchael: And what is the meaning of “Broken Promises”?

Ayumi: the “Promises” is a song name of “the cranberries”. When I was in university, someone asked me to join their band, the first song I played with them was “Promises”..but I didn’t stay long in that band. About “Broken”, em…it’s because I broke up with my ex-boyfriend in 2009~haha. And I think everyone have their broken memory, or broken dream, even someone promised never break it …yes.that’s broken promises

Azchael: Understandably. Looking back at those two years, which moment do you think was the most defining, the most important moment of Broken Promises?

Ayumi: can I say every moment~hah~ the most important moment of BP, I think it was our first time to have a show in December 2009, we went to Fudan university for their music festival

Azchael: What happened there?

Ayumi: Because it’s our first show,everyone was excited and a little nervous. I still remember we played a song of SUM41~haha.  After the show, we went to eat some snack, then two girls came to us and tell us that they very like BP’s show, and ask me if can take a picture..but it’s our first show..we all feel very happy

Azchael: of SUM41? Did you make it in deathcore style or punk?

Ayumi: yes it’s punk.Because when we just organize the band, we like metalcore but we dont know how to compose it,and we still need some time to make members get familiar with each other so at the start, we played some punk songs, and try to compose original song ourselves.

Azchael: I have listened to some of your original songs on Douban, which are still demos and I know that you are going to record your songs now formally. What is your plan? Do you want to release a record? Or just have better recordings?

Ayumi: At first we want to have better recordings, many friends always ask us to release a EP or sth, I think we’ll do it when we’re ready~

Azchael: How many songs do you have at the moment?

Ayumi: Actually we have 6 songs and another one in composing. But 2 of our old songs we want to revise, so we always play 4 songs in show

Azchael: If we look at the local scene, Shanghai metal is recently (two years?) been organized by two major players: Hell United and Playful Warrior. What is your opinion on them? Does your band belong to one of them?

Ayumi: Actually Hell United and Playful Warrior are the same organization.~~ now Playful warrior organize shows and also established label named Playful Warrior Record. And BP belongs to Playful Warrior.

Azchael: Shanghai and Beijing are often compared with Beijing being the rock haven and Shanghai being the more commercially oriented city. What about Shanghai metal compared to Beijing metal?

Ayumi: There’re more metal bands in Beijing that’s true, many people from other countries go to Beijing to achieve their rock dream. But in attitude, I think everyone is serious, especially the members of metal bands. We all know very clearly that it’s hard to make money through our band, it’s just because we like it.we like metalcore.

If we organize a band for commercial purpose, maybe we can play pop, or punk, or sth else. What I want to say is, Shanghai’s metal band is as heavy as Beijing’s. Nothing different from the attitude.

Azchael: Broken Promises has recently opened for German metal act THE OCEAN. What was your impression on that band and their experimental sludge style?

Ayumi: Yes.What they very impressed me was their performance on the stage, full of passion and impression. About the experimental sludge style, I dont know very well myself, but our guitarist said he like them so much. I think there’re much more for me to learn

Azchael: Ayumi, thank you very much for answering the questions to me. It was a very good interview and I thank you for your time.

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