2011-10-01: Mix Market & Fxxker Family at LMA, Macau

Saturday night, October 1st 2011, and another gig happening, this time Japanese punk band Mix Market (Facebook) and Chinese pop punk Fxxker Family as warm up act. Venue of choice was the LMA the Live Music Association, on Macau main island somewhere on the 10th floor of an industrially used building.

Despite the cheap ticket prices (60 in advance, 90 at door, incl. free drink), and the previous success of Mix Market in China (see their Facebook photos), China’s National Holiday didn’t allow for a larger audience, so in the end only 25-30 people enjoyed their show.

Fxxker Family, a name actually to mean ‘Fucker Family’, what the band was telling us quickly during the show, started off the evening with their Cantonese pop punk infused songs such as “I love you baby” or “Disappear”. Sound was tight, funky, poppy, punky, but was not caught up by the audience. Nearly nobody moved and no dancing. A tough audience to satisfy and Fucker Family could not bring their music accross.

As such hopes were hanging low for me that Mix Market would be able to convince the locals to actually jump or move, but surprisingly that’s exactly what they achieved. Sporting “I Love Macau” T-Shirts, totally funky and far too big sunglasses, a female singer, hip, sparkling and energetic, the band brought forward their message of “World Peace” in 2 hour of songs before leaving the stage the first time. Few shouts of encore (I guess everybody was shy to start it) later, they played another round of songs, before taking their final leave. Mix Market played a very powerful, tight set, reminding me a lot of Beijing Subs mixed in with Queen Sea Big Shark and / or Pet Conspiracy. Well done, Mix Market!

More info:

More about Mix Market:

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