The Northwest Wind / 西北风

The Northwest Wind genre has a particular place in the history of rock in China. At the end of the 80s it rose from being a folk song genre to being the precursor to Chinese rock in the North of the PRC.

As per Andreas Steen and Jin Zhaojun:

This music takes modern Western rock music – a typical pop music originated under the conditions of industrialisation – and the culture of Chinese, especially North West Chinese folk music – a typical music culture that preserved itself in its isolation – and creates out of both the musical genre “North West Wind”: Sinosized Rock Music (Zhongguo minzuhua yaogun) (Jin Zhaojun (1988b): ‘Feng cong nali lai?’ (From where blows the wind?), in Renmin Ribao, 23.8.1988:5)

The most famous Northwest Wind song is Xintianyou:

Andreas Steen went on, in his book “Der Lange Marsch des Rock’n’Roll” to show the path the Northwest Wind has taken to meet up with Chinese rock. Rock in China is proud to be able to provide the English translation of that particular chapter for you to read.

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