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Celebrating “Red Rock”

Celebrating "Red Rock" - Steve of Hidden AgendaCelebrating "Red Rock" - Direct ActionCelebrating "Red Rock" - My Little AirportCelebrating "Red Rock" - EmbryoCelebrating "Red Rock" - AnthonyCelebrating Red Rock - Vocalist of Unixx
Celebrating "Red Rock" - Alok of Lona RecordsCelebrating "Red Rock" - UnixxSupporting Red Rock and Painkiller

Celebrating “Red Rock”, a set on Flickr.

a collection of photos of people and bands supporting Jonathan Campbell‘s book “Red Rock“!

Collection expected to grow in future!


RiC Talk in Hongkong: Being an international-aware band 為你的樂隊創造國際的空間

Hi everybody. If you are in Hongkong on January 8th, then come around to our first Rock in China talk session. Here is the full detail:

Venue: Fullcup Cafe, 3/F, Hanway Commercial Bldg., 36 Dundas Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Date & Time: January 8th 2011, 7pm – 9pm


Speaker: Azchael, aka Max-Leonhard von Schaper, founder of Rock In China
Date: January 8, 2012
Fees: free, but please buy a drink at the venue
Reservation: please see below for reservation

In today’s world everybody has the chance (thanks to the internet) to listen to bands from Iraq, China, the USA, France and Russia within an heartbeat of opening Youtube or The times of regional dominance in the music charts are past, with a certain amount of American music still prevailing. 100 years ago one could only turn around a radius of 50 to 200 kilometers for music. 50 years ago it became a 1000 kilometers and today the globe is just the border. The competition in music has grown so aggressive that competing factors with which one can persuade the listener are music and message.

And how many bands from Hongkong are known to the typical Westerner? Usually: None! Hong Kong, city of Bruce Lee and international finance is a white spot in the map of music so far. That can be changed!

In this talk, Max will use lively example of bands that because successful through clear message and the right marketing approach to achieve success not only locally, but also internationally.

Language: English, but Max can also communicate in Putonghua, oh, and of course, German

RESERVATION : Facebook inbox message!!

e.g :
[ Being an international-aware band x fullcupmusic @ 2012.01.08 ];
natty cheng ; tele : 6279 3650 ; 4 ppl

Organizers: Bun Ng, Kung Chi Shing
Poster designed by Rice Move