Download the presentation: Being an international-aware band

Sunday was the day and Sunday the talk “Being an international-aware band” was held at the Fullcupmusic Cafe in Hongkong. As promised earlier, the presentation is online and downloadable for others to have a look at. A youtube version of the presentation will be online later.

Being a very graphic presentation I fear that without explanations the presentation will not make too much sense for those that have not attended, but some speaker notes are available at the Google Documents version.

Summarizing the main points of the presentation:

  1. Bands have to understand in which environment they are (market & competition)
  2. There are two basic effects: PUSH and PULL
  3. PULL equals the band’s message
  4. Successful artists live their message, see examples.
  5. With the PUSH potentials shown bands can promote their music.
  6. Make your music accessible!
  7. Get talked about!
  8. Go out and tour!

Further information:


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